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Welcome to the African Wild Dog Watch web-site

awdwd001This site has been set up to discuss and enquire into the safety, efficacy and purposes of past and current invasive research, known as ‘handling’, including anaesthetisation, blood-sampling, radio-collaring and vaccination, of the highly endangered African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus) and the vaccination of the ancient breed of African domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris).

To identify unforeseen adverse consequences of past and current ‘conservation’ research initiatives involving the indigenous African Wild Dog, and to describe and explain their fascinating, possibly unique, behaviour.

This discussion and enquiry is based on an analysis of data and observations in published scientific and popular accounts and some currently unpublished sources.

It is hoped that this approach will result in providing a firm scientific data basis on which safe, evidence-based conservation initiatives will be based; and not on costly, ineffective, highly invasive experiments based on unsubstantiated claims and assumptions which in some cases were followed by population declines or high mortality in Wild Dogs and epidemics in domestic dogs.

To facilitate a fuller understanding of the issues involved a range of papers, articles and other background information is available on this site including:-